Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog Book Tours

I joined a blog at Yahoo for authors planning blog book tours. My first order of duty is to read The Quickest Blog Book Tour Guide Ever for the basics. This article covers the top reasons authors should plan a blog book tour.

My main objective is to help other self publishers realize their dreams of publishing a book but have felt stymied and defeated along the way. I'm very excited about this recent venue, meeting other authors, and hopefully giving something useful in return that helps other people on their journey to publishing and promoting their book.

Book blogs are but one of many topics I'll be writing about to help and encourage the first time writer stay with their dreams and to persevere even when they feel they will never get to the place where they can finish and publish their book. After all, most of us are first-time publishers with an unsolicited manuscript and the traditional publishers are not lined up at our doors.

But there is hope! We live in a dynamic world and times are quickly changing. Old barriers are being torn down that once prevented people like you or I publish an exciting book that will appeal to a massive audience. Now anyone can have a book published, and if you have taken the time to research your material, develop interesting characters, and target a specific market niche, you have just significantly increased your odds significantly of actually publishing a book and marketability potential.

I'll be posting articles regarding self-publishing, print on demand (POD), finding an good agent, finding a traditional publisher such as Random House or Penguin Group, mistakes I've made (so you don't have to), my experience with iUniverse (not a bad way to go if you have an unsolicited manuscript), finding a great proof reader / editor, book signings, getting your book carried by Barnes and Noble and Amazon, promoting your book, how to be inspired, and other interesting and relevant topics.

So stay tuned as there will be some very useful blogs to read and comment. Best wishes to you and your book.

- Steve Tremp